About the Comic

FAMIB is a long form webcomic that started in February 12th, 2001. Its name used to be a lot longer, but it was shortened to its more manageable acronym sometime ago. The comic is a pseudo-adventure story that follows Tomas, a boy with lots of problems, the main one being the dragon called Wollen who won't leave him alone.

Currently it updates twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. If you're a new reader, you're best off starting at the first page or you could look through the archive and cast pages.

About the Artist

britt c. h. started drawing comics with FAMIB. It was one of those overly ambitious first-comic project sort of deals, that most people are smart enough to abandon after a while and move on to more reasonable projects. However, the constant updating through out the years has helped her to improve her skill and since then she's also branched out into paintings, illustrations, and other mini-comic side projects.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and spends her days at a very non-art related job.

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